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REVEL IN FLESH geben Abschied von Vögtsson bekannt - vom 13.09.2017, 16:08

Kategorie: Musik

 In einem Facebookpost haben Revel in Flesh den Abschied von Schlagzeuger Vögtsson bekannt gegeben. Lest hier die ganze Nachricht:

REVEL IN FLESH - Line Up changes:
Well, since already some rumours poped up earlier during this summer and a certain kind of statement was posted (that some of you already noticed), we as the remaining band decided to let the emotions settle since we don’t wanna be part of any “washing ladies” talking game!
To make a long story short:

Vögtsson (drums) decided to leave REVEL IN FLESH on his own will!!!

Let’s go back in a sort of retrospective view:
In early 2012 Maggesson and I decided to bring REVEL IN FLESH to the stage as a sort of “real” working live band.
Vögtsson was the first one who joined the rat pack.
Well, the brief history of 4 full length albums, 9 Split Eps and many liveshows is known to many of you out there; but it’s always about a look behind the curtain!
The first album entiteld “Deathevokation” came out when this whole “German wave of Death Metal” thing was basicaclly starting, but REVEL IN FLESH never was (or still is) any sort of those hype, trend, media or music business pushed bands. Everything we achived thus far is more or less based on the “Do it yourself” underground principles (of course with the help of a really healthy scene! We know who you are!). It’s a journey of live & learn, doing good and doing bad decisions!
Playing in such a band truely needs enthusiasm and bloody dedication! There is a lot of stuff that is not clearly visible to outsiders. I’m thinking about countless of hours of organisation works, many hours of traveling, troubles at work with vacation schedules, driving to rehearsals on long distances, having compromises on personal, relationship, family issues, many discussions on different issues etc. - the list is long and if you really wanna push a band onwards right from the basics it truely takes sacrifices!
Furthermore playing in a band and also acting as a “brotherhood” is a big “social project”, especially if you have five different freak natures on the road to madness!
But like everywhere else in life characters and attitudes changes, which could be good for an evolution, but it also takes you to the point where changes are helpful for each and everyone! It’s the usual wheel of life and usual way of mindfuck! You need to adapt to a situation or you have to leave the quest!
Well, but we are truely aware of the fact that Vögtsson had his important impact on bringing REVEL IN FLESH to that level which we achieved nowadays. There is a lot of respect for his dedication and of course a big thanx for walking this path of madness with us.
To all outsiders: Being a part of the Deathkult is nothing for the weak minded!!!
A lot of crazy shit worth to remember in a positive way happened on this journey, so we truely stick to those memories and keep those in mind first!
Furthermore we wanna sent a massive Thanx as well to Bettina for being a utterly important member of the REVEL IN FLESH roadcrew. A truely trustful hand in a horde of chaos!!!
Shortly said: We wish Vögtsson all the best on all personal and musical upcoming issues!!!
Get what you deserve: S..... V... ;)

Finally coming straight to the point about future issues:
All shows being booked for 2017 will happen in the way we arranged it!!!
At the current stage we are rehearsing with a session drummer and we are working on a permanent drummer solution. More news will be unveiled soon!!!

We are still hungy & thrilled to kill:
Haubersson & REVEL IN FLESH / September 2017

Make sure to catch REVEL IN FLESH live in 2017 on the following shows:
29.9.2017: St. Pölten (Austria) - STP METALWEEKEND
30.9.2017: Dornbirn (Austria) - Schlachthaus
07.10.2017: Tübingen - Epplehaus
09.12.2017: Aalen - Rock It

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