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ATROX geben LineUp Änderung bekannt - vom 28.10.2017, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Das sechste Album "Monocle" ist im vergangenen Monat via Dark Essence Records erschienen, jetzt haben ATROX bekanntgegeben das Langzeitschlagzeuger Tor Arne Helgesen die Band verlassen hat. Ersetzt wird er von Andreas Kjøl Berg.

Lest hier die Kommentare dazu:

Tor Arne:
" After 18 years I have decided to leave ATROX. This of course, is not without thought, but it's a natural decision because of lack of inspiration on my part and it's been like this for a while. The gang in ATROX are my brothers so this happens completely without drama. They had seen the "writing on the wall" and were therefore not very surprised about my decision to call it a day. I'm proud to have been a part of ATROX's history, a story that has been going on for 30 years! Andreas Kjøl Berg who takes over the drum seat in the band is a monster with sticks and will surely enrich ATROX in the future !! Now I will still be featured on various releases such as MANES, LETHE, amongst others, as a session musician, as well as a newly started project with Eivind (EoP). I wish ATROX all the best in the future and look forward to following the band as a fan! Viva ATROX �� !!"

ATROX's guitar player Eivind explains:
“So after nearly 20 years Tor Arne has decided to close the ATROX chapter of his life. Everyone in ATROX wishes him nothing but happiness and success in any and all of his future endeavours. At the same time we are really excited to announce ATROX’s new drummer, a "drum monster" by the name of Andreas Kjøl Berg. He's been a friend to some of the ATROX members for years, and he plays for the band 22 amongst others. We're sure he's going to be the perfect fit, and considering his musical history and skills, I think he's going to add a new and cool dimension to the ATROX sound".

"Some eight years back I attended my first ATROX gig. I was blown away by the band, the musicality and the songs they had. I knew some of the guys from before and they were good guys. I remember telling Rune F after the gig that if they ever found themselves in a situation where they needed a drummer, just ask. That's how much I liked them. Then, 8 years later, in June this year, I was asked by Rune F to step in at a gig they had at ProgPower in the Netherlands, and I said yes right away. Then I got to know that Tor Arne quit and the drum throne was up for grabs. I grabbed the opportunity.

"I love the band's two last albums (Binocular and Monocle) and I learned to love them even more after I got to learn and play the songs. Tor Arne has written so many cool drum parts which are a joy to play. I try to find a combination between bringing my own style, but also respecting the part he wrote, and how I first learned the songs. To sum it up, it's great to have become a part of ATROX and I look forward to new music, gigs, laughs and tours".

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