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THE 3RD ATTEMPT geben einen ersten Einblick in das neue Album - vom 02.11.2017, 16:18

Kategorie: Musik

 Das neue Album "Egocidal Path" erscheint demnächst bei Dark Essence Records, jetzt bekommen Fans von THE 3RD ATTEMPT einen ersten Einblick auf das was sie erwartet. Das Video zum Song "I`ll do it now" wurde von Lukas Jaszak produziert und kann hier angesehen werden: https://youtu.be/Ca0WwsIq0cs

Gitarrist & Bassist Tchort kommentiert:
"Musically this song differs from anything we did on the first album, or, indeed, on "Egocidal Path" itself for that matter. It's melodic but old school, and contains some breaks that are perhaps a bit untraditional as regards Black Metal as I know it. And knowing that the lyrics are actually very deep emotions and personal experience made flesh, so to speak, the impact this has on the melody and the depth of feeling expressed in the vocals is that much stronger".

Videoproduzent Lukas Jaszak fügt noch hinzu :
"I like to work at night, but that proved impossible with this particular song with its seemingly simple, self-explanatory lyrics. But they grow on you without you realizing and before you know it, you're thinking about ending it all. I know it sounds naive, but try listening to this on repeat, at night, with the words flashing on the screen - on and on.

"I tried to make this video as simple as the message itself, whilst portraying the feelings of chaos and desperation that consume the main character. We definitely did not want to get too literal with the subject here, and we chose to ignore the blood and razors and all the usual worn out clichés, and focus instead on emotional chaos. Although suicide may seem like an easy way out for most, I feel instead that it is a horrifying vortex of tangled emotions, and both the song and the video show this".

Und auch Sänger Ødemark hat noch was loszuwerden:
"When I first heard the music for "I'll Do It Now" played in the studio, I felt that the atmosphere surrounding it was the perfect environment in which to talk about how, at the age of 12, I made a serious attempt at killing myself for the second time. I could have just described the scene and been obvious about it, but the music awakened something in me and I decided instead to write about what went on in my head, without resorting to any poetic artifice, artistic pretensions or judgment whatsoever. I therefore chose to regress to that particular moment in my life, something which, incidentally, was much harder to do than I had expected, and write the lyrics using the thoughts exactly as they went through my mind.

" I had to open myself up to being as vulnerable as possible in order to once again become that child who had decided to take his own life, and to write down his thoughts with total honesty. Some of it might sound clichéd, or even naive and childish, but I needed to keep the truth undistorted in order to create the purest, most honest piece of art possible, and align that honesty with my vision of what Black Metal should be"

Tracklist "Egocidal Path":

Blood, Dope and Black N Roll
Into the Light
Reflections about Knives
I’ll do it now
The Disciples
Black Metal Alchemist
The Oath


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