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THE HUMAN RACE IS FILTH streamen EP via Decibel Magazine - vom 08.12.2017, 08:01

Kategorie: Musik

 Das in York, Pennsylvania beheimatete Sludge/Grind/Crust Duo "The Human Race Is Filth" streamt seine Debüt EP "Human Exposed" jetzt in voller Länge beim Decibel Magazine.

Die Band kommentiert: "THE "Human Exposed" EP represents and exposes the scum known as our leaders. It's a campaign for the poverty stricken which is most everyone not in the league of the rich and political realms. Leadership we have is draining people of living and raping the world of all it a resource. We don't even know what a democracy is anymore.... It's a depressing and angry display of how we see the world today.”



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