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Turbonegro: Neues Album "ROCKNROLL MACHINE" erscheint am 02.02.2018 - vom 29.12.2017, 12:01

Kategorie: Musik

turbonegroDas neue Turbonegro Album "ROCKNROLL MACHINE" erscheint am 2.2.2018 und damit genau 20 Jahre nach dem Album "Apocalypse Dudes".
» "February 2018, twenty years after Apocalypse Dudes, on the same release date, we are happy to deliver a brand new Turbonegro album - our first since a record from 2012 that we can’t really say the title of right now. It’s a batch of songs coming from the joy of being a rock machine of six brothers and sisters, with the greatest fans, and our life long dedication to rock’n’roll music as an art form.«"

1. The Rock and Roll Machine Suite - Part I: Chrome Ozone Creation
2. Part II: Well Hello
3. Part III: RockNRoll Machine
4. Hurry Up & Die
5. Fist City
6. Skinhead Rock & Roll
7. Hot For Nietzsche
8. On the Rag
9. Let the Punishment Fit the Behind
10. John Carpenter Powder Ballad
11. Special Education

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