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UK Doomband Twilight's Embrace bringt neue EP "Penance" am 21.2.2018 - vom 08.01.2018, 10:34

Kategorie: Musik

penanceDas aus Nottingham in England stammende Doom Trio Twilight's Embrace wird am 21.2.2018 ihre neue EP mit dem Namen "Penance" veröffentlichen. Die EP wird der Nachfolger des 2014er Debüt "By Darkness Undone" und wird von der Band selbst released.
Die Band sagt zum Album: » After a couple of years that saw some members leaving and little in the way of live performances, we decided an EP was a good way to ease back into things and to let people know we're still alive, comments band leader and guitarist Ben Sizer. "Musically, the new tracks deliberately continue the path of previous releases, attempting to take classic doom-death recipes and add other influences to taste.
For Twilight's Embrace to cover a Paradise Lost song is a natural move, given the classic Peaceville act's obvious influence on the band. But by picking a softer song from the largely electronic album, there was both a greater opportunity to both put Twilight's Embrace's personal stamp on it, and maybe give fans a taste of what Paradise Lost might have sounded like in those days had they not gone so deeply into the lands of synthesisers.«

Dying Earth 6:09
Curtain Call 6:56
Penance 9:24
It's Too Late (Paradise Lost Cover) 4:30

Zur Facebook-Seite der Band.

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