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Sillborn haben die Arbeiten zur neuen EP fertig gestellt! - vom 05.02.2018, 07:10

Kategorie: Musik

 Die Deather von Stillborn haben die Arbeiten zur neuen EP 'Crave for Killing' abgeschlossen. Das neue Album soll am 12.März via Godz Ov War Productions erscheinen. Einen neuen Song Namens "To be" könnt ihr euch bereits HIER anhören!

The 'Crave for Killing' EP contains slightly over 20 minutes of music, but it definitely is the most mature stuff in the band's discography. It perfectly corresponds to the 'Testimonio de Bautismo' album - on the one hand, it reveals distinct inspirations drawn from old school black thrash, but on the other hand it closely follows up on the band's earliest accomplishments known from their demotapes or the debut album titled 'Satanas el Grande'. Furious riffing, blasting drums, bestial vocals and uncompromising lyrics topped with Ataman Tolovy's raw production. As always, Stillborn don't tend to avoid brutality, vulgarity and straightforward message, but they are also capable of slowing down, taming their explicit madness and making the listener reflect upon the latter. Four premiere tracks plus a re-recorded version of the title 'Crave for Killing' are an excellent bridge between the band's past and present in their musical accomplishments. Stillborn don't lay down their weapons, quite the contrary, they continue to painfully punch the slaves of moral doctrines and spit venom into the face of religious fanatics!

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