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USURPRESS streamen "The Iron Gates Will Melt" aus dem neuen Album "Interregnum" - vom 08.02.2018, 17:15

Kategorie: Musik

 USURPESS haben jetzt mit "The Iron Gates Will Melt" einen weiteren Song aus ihrem kommenden Studioalbum "Interregnum" veröffentlicht das am 23.02.2018 bei Agonia Records erscheint.

USURPRESS kommentieren das neue Album: "This time we wanted to challenge the establish dogmas and indeed our own predetermined ideas of what makes death metal sound like death metal. We have taken notes from the history of heavy guitar driven music before the times of death metal, in fact; before the times of heavy metal. We have taken inspiration from the hard rock and prog rock movements of the early seventies and put a heavy death twist on it. For those who feel like retching at the sound of this; we can assure you that this is by all means a death metal album and not some silly retro 70-ties throwback 5 years too late for the trend. It’s simply Usurpress but slower, heavier and way more complex.”

1. A Place in the Pantheon
2. Interregnum
3. In Books Without Pages
4. Late in the 11:th Hour
5. Ships of Black Glass (I: Shards, II: Black Echo)
6. The Iron Gates Are Melting
7. The Vagrant Harlot

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