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TAPHOS mit DEGIAL in Europa auf Tour! - vom 31.03.2018, 11:01

Kategorie: Musik

 Die dänischen Senkrechtstarter Taphos werden zusammen mit der schwedischen Todesbleigranate Degial einige Städte in Europa auf ihrer Tour verwüsten.

Hailing from the same Danish scene as Undergang and Phrenelith, TAPHOS create a classic - and classically gutted - style of Metal of Death. Now, with their debut album Come Ethereal Somberness, they synthesize the two stylistic shifts into something both berzerker and epic, manic and finessed in equal measures. Indeed, TAPHOS are firing on all songwriting cylinders here, as the energy literally bursts off the charts but retains a sense of composure and daresay class rarely scene in full-blooded death metal.
See them live on stage in May 2018 alongside DEGIAL from Sweden.

Wednesday 2nd May: Oslo, Norway - Revolver * Just Degial
Thursday 3rd May: Gothenburg, Sweden - The Abyss * Just Degial
Friday 4th May: Hamburg, Germany - Bambi Galore
Saturday 5th May: Oberhausen, Germany - Helvete
Sunday 6th May: Arnhem, The Netherlands - Willemeen
Monday 7th May: London, UK - Boston Music Room w/ Aura Noir (n)
Tuesday 8th May: Paris, France – Le Klub
Wednesday 9th May: Toulouse, France - Les Pavillions Sauvages
Thursday 10th May: Bilbao, Spain – Pub Mendigo
Friday 11th May: Porto, Portugal - Metal Point
Saturday 12th May: Madrid, Spain – Studios Rock & Pop
Sunday 13th May: Barcelona, Spain – Sala Monesterio
Monday 14th May: Nice, France – Atherax Music
Tuesday 15th May: Milan, Italy – Circolo Svolta
Wednesday 16th: Abtenau, Austria - Temple Neudegg Alm
Thursday 17th May: Dresden, Germany - Chemiefabrik
Friday 18th May: Wroclaw, Poland - Ciemna Stromna Miasta
Saturday 19th May: Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree

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