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STORTREGN streamen neuen Song - vom 13.04.2018, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die blackened Deathmetaller STORTREGN aus der Schweiz haben die Tour mit IMMOLATION & FULL OF HELL erfolgreich beendet. Das vierte Album "Emptiness Fills The Void" erscheint am 25.05.2018 via Non Serviam Records.

NO CLEAN SINGING streamt jetzt exklusiv den neuen Song "Shattered Universe".

"It begins to seem as if the entire song is vibrating with highly communicable energy. It’s both a grim and a glorious experience." — Islander (Editor of No Clean Singing)

Kommentar der Band: “‘Shattered Universe‘ is a musically aggressive and straightforward song, while the lyrics paint a picture of a dystopian cosmic future which will eventually lead to its rebirth, a cyclical process. The rich guitar work, thunderous bass and pounding drums complement the lyrics and contribute to an overall sulphurous song. Humanity is warned! Worlds will collide!”

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