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AETERNUS haben die Arbeiten am neuen Album abgeschlossen - vom 23.05.2018, 10:10

Kategorie: Musik

 Die norwegischen Dark Metaller AETERNUS haben die Arbeiten an ihrem achten Studioalbum abgeschlossen. Das "Heathen" betitelte Werk enthält sieben Songs die im Conclave & Earshot Studios in Bergen zusammen mit Herbrand Larsen aufgenommen wurden.

Die Band hat sich schon 1993 gegründet und gilt mit als Genregründer des Dark Metal, "Heathen" erscheint somit zeitgleich zum 25jährigen Jubiläum der Truppe.
Kommentar der Band zu "Heathen": " We feel we’ve produced seven great songs for "Heathen", all with AETERNUS' trademark sound, which is a mix of complex extreme music along with heavy riffs and of course some great melodic features. You could say that we are more than satisfied with the results".

Neben Bandgründer Ares bestehen AETERNUS aus Phobos (GRAVDAL) und KRAKOW's Eld, Gitarrist Specter ist nicht mehr Teil der Band: "Before having fully completed the composition part of "Heathen", Specter felt that he had little more to offer the band, and that his long search for music was not only taking up too much of his own time, but it was also slowing down AETERNUS' progress, and as a result, he decided that it was best for all concerned that he quit the band. He did however compose several terrific riffs which we feel are outstanding, and they have been included in the album. We would like to thank Specter for all his work with AETERNUS, and wish him all the best for the future.

"This of course means that once again AETERNUS has recorded an album where Ares' considerable skills have been put to good use, and he has composed and played all the guitar leads on "Heathen". We're sure that having read this, fans are wondering what is going to happen as far as live performances go. No problem there! We have hired Gorm, from the Norse metal band THYRUZ, to play live with us, and he has been busy rehearsing our material. He will be more than ready when AETERNUS hits the stage again".

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