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Technical Black Death Metal Band Tragacanth veröffentlichen Single "Death: Journey’s End" vom kommenden Album - vom 29.05.2018, 11:05

Kategorie: Musik

tragacanthDie niederländische technical Black Death Metal Band Tragacanth haben ihre erste Single "Death: Journey’s End" veröffentlicht. Die ist die erste Single vom kommenden Album "The Journey of a Man" welches uns am 15.6.2018 von Pest Records serviert wird.

Die Band sagt zum neuen Album: » It’s no secret our upcoming album “Journey of a Man” is a personal one. From the mystical, enigmatic Far East covered in “Anthology of the East”, this time we travel to Ancient Greek times where a young man finds out he is to perish soon. Wandering the complex maze of emotions and disease running through his veins, “Journey of a Man” tells the tale of his downward spiral into the abyss. With Moirai awaiting his final demise, a mind crippled with melancholy and his body traveling down the river Styx, his spirit is finally released. The final song of the album “Death: Journey’s End” serves as his requiem. «

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