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SIX FEET UNDER releasen eine Kollektion von unveröffentlichtem Material unter dem Namen "Unburied" - vom 08.07.2018, 11:46

Kategorie: Musik

 SIX FEET UNDER haben eine Kollektion von unveröffentlichtem Material unter dem Namen "Unburied" auf Metal Blade Records heraus gebracht. Produziert von Chris Barnes und mixed/mastered von Chaz Najjar, die Kollektion enthält 9 Songs von den Undead (2012), Unborn (2013) und Torment (2017) Sessions.

Den Song "Gore Hungry Maniac" könnt ihr euch HIER anhören.

Front-man Chris Barnes comments: "I feel 'Unburied' is something special and interesting to release, that is different, being that this is our first digital-only release and the songs are all in their rawest and earliest form. It was also a shame for the songs to just sit there and go to waste - I knew the fans would dig them, and also everyone involved worked so hard writing and putting them together. I always felt like the tracks were excellent Six Feet Under material, and wanted to finish and release them at the time of each release - but there was just so much material that was put together for the 'Undead' and 'Unborn' sessions, that eight songs were basically left over in the demo stages. Also one song from the 'Torment' session that Jeff Hughell wrote - 'As the Dying Scream' - was left over in its demo stage as well. Hopefully you enjoy these tracks and it holds you over 'til the next full-length album!"

Unburied track-listing
1. Violent Blood Eruption (Savage/Barnes)
2. Midnight in Hell (Laine/Barnes)
3. Gore Hungry Maniac (Englund/Barnes)
4. Re-Animated (Englund/Barnes)
5. Intent to Kill (Englund/Barnes)
6. The Perverse (Arnold/Barnes)
7. Possessed (Arnold/Barnes)
8. As the Dying Scream (Hughell/Barnes)
9. Skin (Savage/Barnes)

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