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ABIGAIL präsentieren neue EP “Far East Black Metal Onslaught” - vom 06.08.2018, 07:11

Kategorie: Musik

 Die legendären japanischen Black/Thrasher Abigail streamen ihre kommende neue EP “Far East Black Metal Onslaught” komplett auf der Webseite von ToiletOvHell.com. Die neue EP soll am 7.August über Helldprod Records im 7" Vinyl Format erscheinen.

Hört euch Abigail's Far East Black Metal Onslaught HIER an.

The ancients hordes of ABIGAIL are back to raise the flag of eternal blasphemy upon the rising sun. Far East Black Metal Onslaught stands for the Apocalypse soundtrack yet to come in order to become the unholy nation for these antichrist warriors of doom. Side to side with the hellish beast they spread chaos, war and desecration throughtout the chast and pure once again. Get ready to praise and bow to the ABIGAIL knights swallowing darkness and furious thrashing madness while the impious celebrate the alcohol from Satan's chalice!

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