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Review: Braincasket - Ratchet Of Perdtion [EN] - vom 14.09.2018, 11:16

Kategorie: CD Review

Brutal Death Metal from the Netherlands

» Braincasket are a brutal death metal band hailing from Heerenveen NL. This is their debut full length release following the 2011 demo “Methods of Persuasion” and has been released by the German underground label Morbid Generation.

When asked to undertake some review for IHO I was presented with a number of CDs to review. I immediately picked this release as I had witnessed Braincasket play at Xxxicken Festival last year. They put on a really devastating performance and I remember thinking at the time that their dual vocal attack was really effective so was really interested to hear this. The only concern I had was that I recollected from the live show that they had a lot of slam influences and whilst I like this live I tend not to enjoy it so much on CD.
The first question then, is ... «

braincasket - ratchet of perdtion
Braincasket - Ratchet Of Perdtion // 8 von 10 Punkten // Brutal Death Metal

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