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BENIGHTED streamen komplette 'Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master' EP - vom 17.10.2018, 09:05

Kategorie: Musik

 BENIGHTED haben ihre EP 'Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master' jetzt veröffentlicht, den kompletten Stream gibt es via Season of Mist YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/D0sNdtXqnGw

Sänger Julien Truchan kommentiert: "Here we go! Our anniversary EP 'Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master' is right here for you, guys! 20 years of Benighted. We are happy to share with you these 3 new tracks, our version of the At The Gates cover 'Slaughter of the Soul' and 6 live tracks from our anniversary show in Lyon with great guest vocalists. We hope you will enjoy it. Support us and order yours now!"

Teeth And Hatred
Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master
Slaughter Of The Soul (At The Gates cover)
Reptilian (Live in Lyon 2018)
Cum With Disgust (Live in Lyon ft. Arno, Black Bomb A)
Spit (Live in Lyon 2018 ft. Niklas, Shining)
Necrobreed (Live in Lyon 2018)
Unborn Infected Children (Live in Lyon 2018 ft. Sven, Aborted)
Foetus (Live in Lyon 2018 ft. Ben, Unfathomable Ruination)

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