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Superlynx geben Albumdetails bekannt - vom 07.12.2018, 07:12

Kategorie: Musik

 Dark Essence Records haben den 15.März 2019 als Veröffentlichungsdatum von "New Moon" bekanntgegeben, genau so heisst nämlich das kommende Album von SUPERLYNX.
Wer das norwegische Doom/Psych Trio aber vorab schon antesten will der kann sich jetzt schon die Single "Hex" anhören.

SUPERLYNX kommentieren "Hex" & "New Moon":
Like most of the new album, HEX was written in challenging times, with feelings of hopelessness caused by both personal and external circumstances. The song was given a ritualistic expression, representing a deep, primal feeling and a need to alter the dark reality. Through creative force, love and a wish for better times, this feeling is transformed into music and given a positive outlet. In this way, HEX represents the essence of the album. We have all been through dark times and have dealt with a lot of it through music. You can say that making the album has been a sort of alchemical process. The focus has been on getting through the dark and holding on to what is good in this world. And one of the best things is that music has come out of it.

Das Video zur Single gibts via The Obelisk: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2018/12/06/superlynx-new-moon-hex-video-premiere
01. Hex
02. Breath
03. Becoming the Sea
04. New Moon
05. Indian Summer
06. These Children that come at us with Knives
07. Scarecrow
08. Cold Black Sea
09. The Groove
10. The Thickest Night

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