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Misery Index veröffentlichen ersten neuen Song vom neuen Album 'Rituals of Power' - vom 12.12.2018, 20:43
Kategorie: Musik
 Die Death Maschine Misery Index veröffentlicht den ersten neuen Song "New Salem" vom neuen Album 'Rituals of Power'. Das neue Album erscheint am 8.März 2019 über Season of Mist.

Den neuen Abriss könnt ihr euch HIER! reinziehen.

MISERY INDEX comment on the track: "New Salem sums up perfectly the lyrical vitriol and musical dynamics featured across "Rituals of Power". We wanted to introduce the album, not just with a straight-ahead ripping tune, but with a smack to the face; it's a wake up call for any concerned citizen and a code red for civilization. Ugly times call for stark and uncomfortable statements, and New Salem castigates the faults and ineptitude's of our broken media system and the Crucible-esque, witch-hunt culture it fuels."

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