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Profanation unterschreiben bei Hostile Media - vom 17.02.2019, 14:32

Kategorie: Musik

 Hostile Media sind stolz die deutschen Deather von Profanation als neuestes Mitglied in ihren Reihen zu haben. Das neue Label wird das fünfte Album Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil am 26.April 2019 veröffentlichen. Den ersten Song vom neuen Album 'Unholy Brutality Unleashed' könnt ihr euch HIER anhören!

Ten tracks of blistering brutal and groove laden death metal you'd have thought came out in the early 90's, and recorded in much the same fashion at Soundlodge Studio in less than 1 week!

Bassist Anton comments, "All songs are finely balanced between speed, aggression and groove. Somehow we managed to create a red line, connecting all the songs even though it‘s not a conceptual record. All songs are framed by the 'Incantation' and 'A Place To Pray' that perfectly support the atmosphere we wanted to create. In a way it‘s old school death metal, but made for modern times with a superb production and influenced not only by the classics. Compared to our other albums it‘s the next step towards perfection. Our first two albums being really wild and combining death metal and grindcore. Since the Lustful Screams Of Torture album, we‘ve always grown musically. Always creating the songs as the essence of what we all love in death metal."

1. Incantation
2. Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil
3. Seed Of Evil
4. Silent God
5. Bloodbath In Heaven
6. Der Gemütliche
7. Unholy Brutality Unleashed
8. The Prophecy
9. Butcher's Joy
10. A Place To Pray - Ablaze For Prey

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