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BRVMAK zeigen Lyricvideo von 'Omnipotence' feat. Paul Masvidal (CYNIC) - vom 15.04.2019, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die italienischen ProgDeather BRVMAK haben ein Lyricvideo zur Albumsingle 'Omnipotence' veröffentlicht, als Gastsänger ist dort Paul Masvidal (CYNIC) zu hören. Der Titel stammt vom aktuellen 'In Nomine Patris' Album das bei Sleaszy Rider Records erschienen ist.

BRVMAK - Omnipotence feat. Paul Masvidal (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

" 'Omnipotence' is focused on the Tower of Babel's mithological story, a sky-high tower built by men in the attempt to challange the god and reach the spiritual elevation, just like the son elevates himself towards the father. God disapproval of men's endeavor brings chaos upon earth resulting in languages to mix so that masses wouldn't benefit of a common language."

Zum Gastauftritt von CYNIC's Paul Masvidal erklärt Sänger Serj: "Having the honour to work with such an extraordinary artist is just amazing. We all have been listening to Paul's music for ages, and being able to have him as very special guest on our upcoming album is a true privilege. We couldn't be happier with the vocal performance he delivered."

Paul Masvidal kommentiert: "When Serj from BRVMAK sent me their song 'Omnipotence', I was impressed with the brutal sense of urgency in the tune and across their work in general. I thought my vocals might add an interesting, unique element, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sing over my first blast beat! These guys are about as heavy as it gets. Check them out!"

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