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CROWNASIDE streamen "From Mud To Ashes" bei Metal Insider - vom 29.04.2019, 08:01

Kategorie: Musik

 Die spanische Death/Groove Metal Truppe CROWNASIDE hat vor kurzem ihr Debütalbum "From Mud To Ashes" veröffentlicht. Jetzt kann die selbstveröffentlichte Scheibe in voller Länge bei Metal Insider angetestet werden.

Die Band erläutert:
“‘From Mud To Ashes’ is a conceptual album that follows the Maya since their beginning to their violent end. It can be divided in two blocks, being the first three songs the creation of man according to the Popol Vuh, and the last four songs a tale about the arrival of the Spanish ‘conquerors’ and how they slaughtered the indigenous people and imposed their religion.

Mayan gods, fight, blood and ash. This is the story of how everything was in silence, suspended, everything was in calm. And they spoke, and then they meditated; they understood each other and put together words and thoughts. This is how the first men were created from mud, and then wood, and none of them knew that on the other side of the world a black cloud was waiting, in the form of kukulkan reincarnated in men of pale skin and beard, that would bring destruction until everything was nothing but ashes.”



The First Breed
Never Alive
One Last Offering ft. Ansón
1492 ft. Drew (The Ritual Aura, Ur Draugr, Obed Marsh)
Scent of Burning Flesh ft. Johan (Meadows End)

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