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HELHEIM zeigen Video zum Titelsong vom neuen Album - vom 01.06.2019, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 HELHEIM haben ihr aktuelles Album "Rignir" vor kurzem veröffentlicht. Jetzt hat die Band noch ein Video zum Titelsong online gestellt, verantwortlich dafür war der rumänische Künstler Costin Chioreanu.

Das Video zu "Rignir" und die Zusammenarbeit mit Chioreanu erläutert HELHEIM's V'gandr:
"Collaborating with Costin has been an absolute honour and pleasure. The way he interpreted the song is nothing short of perfection and we tip our hats to the gentleman. He used our audio and lyrical canvas to paint the emotions we were trying to create. The circle is complete."

Chioreanu kommentiert das ebenfalls: "I first discovered Helheim in the late 90's after I found a bootleg cassette copy of their "Av norrøn ætt" album on the black market in post-communist Romania. Their music has been around me since then and I’ve always been an admirer of how they have evolved. After more than 20 years we finally met in Bucharest (coincidentally the same city where I first came across their music) to film a video, and we had such an amazing time doing it.

I would also like to say that my best videos and artworks are, strangely or not, those which I make for musicians who are true to themselves and enmesh perfectly with their work. Then, the vibe brought by our collaboration is warm and friendly. It’s as if the Universe wants to salute their dedication through my work, and such is the case with this music video, when everything in the making process was so magic al that I felt the work was creating itself."

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