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SABOTAGE: No Clean Singing streamt die Debüt EP 'The Order Of Genocide' - vom 04.08.2019, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die aus Mumbai (das frühere Bombay) stammenden Thrasher haben am 03.August ihre Debüt EP "The Order of Genocide" veröffentlicht.

Die Band kommentiert das: “The Order of Genocide talks about the atrocities that take place every single day and how the world is inching closer towards doom. Every single track is bound to dislodge a bone or two when the mosh pit breaks open! The release of the EP will also pave way to a tour in India across few cities!”

"...these dudes are bone-breakers, with a penchant for brutal grooves, and an equal flare for anthemic melody, spectacular soloing, and politically charged lyricism, all of which elevates their fierce music above a lot of the been-there, done-that, beer-soaked sloppiness that we also call thrash," meint No Clean Singing die die EP in voller Länge als Stream zur Verfügung stellen.

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