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LIKE TORCHES mit neuem Video, Album im November - vom 25.08.2019, 13:57

Kategorie: Musik

 Die aus Stockholm, Schweden stammende Band LIKE TORCHES kündigt ihr neues Album "Loves And Losses" an. Es wird am 1. November auf Victory Records erscheinen.
Einen ersten Vorgeschmack gibt es in Form des Videos zum Track "The Guilt Of Surviving".
Hier könnt ihr das Video sehen: https://smarturl.it/liketorches

"By realizing you've made mistakes you will grow and find strength," gesteht Gitarrist und Sänger Daniel Karn. "The song is proving that you can find power and embrace your past, even the mistakes. The music video takes us back to playing smaller shows, and just enjoying the small and simple things in life. Sometimes in the present, we might make things complicated for ourselves in trying to find happiness. Remembering these simpler times can help us overcome current obstacles and realizing that life doesn't have to be complicated."
Als Produzent von "Loves And Losses" konnte YELLOWCARD-Sänger Ryan Key gewonnen werden.
Key sagt, "It's hard to explain the excitement hearing your work completed like this, so proud of these dudes and these songs."
Über die Aufnahmen des ersten Materials in über zwei Jahren sagt Karn: "We wanted to combat our normal surroundings, and the culture of Nashville helped us be more creative and filled us with so much inspiration so we could find our perfect sound. We literally explored new territories and that allowed us to feel the highs and lows of being in a band, hence the name Loves and Losses."
LIKE TORCHES standen bereits mit Größen wie Hit The Lights, Memphis May Fire, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard uvm. auf Bühnen in Europa, Japan, den USA und Australien.

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