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APOTHEUS zeigen Video zu “Caves of Steel” via Decibel Magazine - vom 03.09.2019, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die Prog/Melodic Deathmetaller APOTHEUS aus Portugal veröffentlichen demnächst ihr neues Album "The Far Star". Erscheinen wird das Werk am 31.10.2019 bei Black Lion Records.

Als ersten Einblick zeigt das Decibel Magazine das Video zu “Caves of Steel”.

“‘Caves of Steel’ is perhaps the most Isaac Asimov inspired song of this album, and fans will surely notice that,” kommentiert die Band. “This song is essentially a preamble of the story we want to convey with the album. We are placing the spectator on these people’s shoes. We wanted to have the horrors and injustices of this world blatantly represented on the screen.

“Technically, it was certainly the most demanding video we have ever made,” erläutert die Truppe. “We couldn’t do it without such a talented team on our side. There’s still a lot to unveil about this journey. And expect more news before the album release date.”


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