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VITAL REMAINS und Sänger Brian Werner gehen getrennte Wege! - vom 12.09.2019, 10:49

Kategorie: Musik

vital remainsDie US Death Metaller VITAL REMAINS und Sänger Brian Werner gehen getrennte Wege!
Für die Band nichts neues, denn Brian hatte die Band schon viermal zuvor verlassen, aber dieses mal soll es wohl endgültig sein. Ab sofort kann man sich bei der Band als Sessionsänger bewerben.
Nichtsdestotrotz arbeiten VITAL REMAINS an einem neuen Album welches nächstes Jahr veröffentlicht werden soll.

Hier das Statement der Band:
» As you may or may not know we have parted ways with our vocalist Brian Werner. Last week after being sent the US Tour info for our up coming Tour,which is set to start Oct 31st to Nov 17th Brian quit! This was no surprise as he had quit four other times in the past seven years, but this making it his last. This was coming for a while and best for both him and the band to move forward and to continue,so go our separate ways . He did us a favor. We will not get into any more than that at this time or shit talk. That being said we wish him well and we thank him for his work he did with us. Now as far as anyone interested in Auditioning for Session Singer/ Fill In for Vital Remains, here are some requirements. Must be 21 years or older,touring experience,pro,hard working,good attitude,good stage presence,willing to tour any time any where,team player, good timing,Must be willing and able to rehearse with band in Boston/RI,valid passport,No criminal record, No Druggies or drunks! All Inquiries Please send to Tony Lazaro or Vital Remains Official Facebook a video of yourself singing one of our songs, in full. Make sure the backing track is not louder than your singing! Finally We want to Thank All The Fans Worldwide for their continuing Support!!!! This is for the Best! We Will get the New Album Done and Release it next year in 2020.«

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