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CODE unterzeichnen Vertrag mit DARK ESSENCE RECORDS - vom 28.10.2019, 15:08

Kategorie: Musik

 Dark Essence Records haben bekannt gegeben das sie die UK Truppe CODE unter Vertrag genommen haben. 2020 soll beim neuen Label dann das neue Album erscheinen, weitere Infos folgen.

CODE Lineup:
Aort (Guitar)
Andras (Guitar)
Lordt (Drums)
Syhr (Bass)
Wacian (Vocals)

CODE kommentieren:
Our first contact with Dark Essence was way back in 2009 when we were honoured to be asked to play at their festival in Bergen. We have been keeping in touch ever since and are delighted to now officially be a part of the Dark Essence family. As a culmination of our varied musical past, Dark Essence feel like the perfect home for the metallic blackness we have been busy concocting over the last two years.

We are very excited to be working with a label that firmly believes in CODE and we are keen to bear the blackened fruit of this alliance in 2020. The harvest of this communion will be our forthcoming fifth album which promises to be a return to CODE at our sharpest, most dynamic and blackest best.

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