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DEMONICAL trennen sich von Sänger Alexander Högbom und geben Nachfolger bekannt - vom 06.11.2019, 19:58

Kategorie: Musik

 DEMONICAL haben sich von Sänger Alexander Högbom (October Tide) getrennt. Högbom, der auf dem 2018er Album "Chaos Manifesto" zu hören ist, hat bereits im Juni bekanntgegeben das er die Band nach dem Scandinavia Deathfest 2019 verlässt. Als Nachfolger haben DEMONICAL Christofer Säterdal (Bildmitte) benannt.

Bassist Martin Schulman: "Demonical and vocalist Alexander Högbom have parted ways without involvement of neither deep drama nor bad blood. This has been in the making for quite some time - even if not publically revealed - as already five months ago - Alexander informed the rest of the band about his need to step back after Scandinavia Deathfest 2019 in order to focus on other things in life. We respect Alex's decision, want to thank him for all the years in the band, and wish him the very best of luck for the future, whatever it might hold. Demonical would like to welcome Christofer Säterdal to the ranks as the bands new frontman. Christofer has proven his quality and dedication in various bands during the years with Swedish viking-metallers Fimbultyr being the most prominent one. The rehearsals and recordings done during the summer have made us confident that Chris is the right man for the position and the one who can carry on the torch. The path forward looks nothing but victorious!”.

Upcoming Dates:
14.11 2019 SE - Stockholm - Nalen Klubb
05.12 2019 BR - Manaus (AM) - Red Dog Pub
06.12 2019 BR - Rio Branco (AC) - Studio Beer
07.12 2019 BR - Brasilia (DF) - Circulo Operario
08.12 2019 BR - Porto Alegre (RS) - Pier Bar
11.12 2019 BR - Sao Paolo (SP) - Espaço Som
12.12 2019 BR - Palmas (TO) - Tendencies Bar
13.12 2019 BR - Londrina (PR) - Cativeiro Bar
14.12 2019 BR - Goiania (GO) - Martin Cerere
15.12 2019 BR - Macapa (AP) - Cerimonial Rock Bar
11.04 2020 DE - Münich - Dark Easter Metal Meeting
02.07 2020 DE - Friesack - Under the Black Sun Festival
10.07 2020 CH - Chevenez - Forest Fest Open Air
11.07 2020 DE - Torgau - In Flammen Open Air
25.07 2020 DE - Weil Am Rhein - Baden in Blut Festival

Christofer Säterdal - vocals
Eki Kumpulainen - guitars
Johan Haglund - guitars
Martin Schulman - bass
Ronnie Bergerstål - drums

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