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BLOOD INCANTATION Release "Slave Species of the Gods" Video - vom 09.11.2019, 17:29

Kategorie: Musik

 Die Cosmic Death Metal Band BLOOD INCANTATION präsentiert ihr neues Video zum Song "Slave Species of the Gods." Die Jungs haben folgendes zu ihrem neuen Video und zum kommenden Album Hidden History of the Human Race zu sagen:

“Slave Species of the Gods” was filmed at our performance in Santa Ana on October 11th during our tour with Immolation. Directed and edited by Gabe Gomez, who first filmed us on our very first tour, the video for this song evokes the disorienting, chaotic and psychedelic vibe of our live concert.

"Filmed directly onto VHS, the video contains an aesthetic similar to many of our favorite old recordings of classic bands while also being engagingly trippy. The song itself was the second song written for 'Hidden History of the Human Race' and has been played live since the Decibel tour.

"Being the first track on the record, “Slave Species of the Gods” is meant as a full force brutalizer, going non- stop over the course of its relatively short five minutes and thirty-one seconds.”

Zum Video geht es HIER

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