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OBSIDIAN KINGDOM begleiten ENSLAVED bei der UTGARD Europatour 2021 - vom 14.10.2020, 14:20

Kategorie: Musik

 Obsidian Kingdom haben jetzt die Termine ihrer kommenden Europatour bekanntgegeben, sie begleiten Enslaved bei deren "Utgard European Tour 2021".
Die Termine der Rundreise findet ihr weiter unten.

Enslaved Post:
We are aware of the uncertainty surrounding any activities being planned for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, incurable optimism and a pragmatic outlook is in our nature. This has guided us in making plans for May 2021; plans for a tour that will finally bring the "Utgard"-live concept outside of Norway. Expect to see an Enslaved-show unlike anything you have seen before!!!
Tickets will go on sale this Friday October 16th. We cannot wait to hit the road with class acts such as Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and CROWN.
And yes… in case we cannot bring “Utgard” to the stage May 2021 - we already have a backup solution for early 2022 (Peter Griffin-style sigh). Any purchased tickets will of course remain valid!
We will observe the situation closely and keep you updated. We have high hopes that “Utgard” can be presented to the world, live on stage by May 2021. This is who we are.
Of course, the health of everyone involved is our number one priority, and we will never compromise on that. Stay safe!
See you in the Flesh!
- Enslaved

Obsidian Kingdom kommentieren: "It feels so unreal to announce that we will be touring Europe next May 2021, in the splendid company of Enslaved, Intronaut and Crown! It’s been a long time since we last hit the road, so you can’t begin to imagine how rabid we are to jump on the stage again. We are preparing a show that will match the wildness, passion and glory contained in 'MEAT MACHINE'. Those of you who have attended any of our shows already know that nothing brings us more joy than playing live, so rest assured that we are already counting down the days till we can see your face again in May 2021. Your city must fall!"

Enslaved + Intronaut + Obsidian Kingdom + Crown
09 May 21 Berlin (DE) Hole 44
10 May 21 Utrecht (NL) De Helling
11 May 21 Lille (FR) Maison Folie Beaulieu
12 May 21 Birmingham (UK) O2 Institute 2
13 May 21 Glasgow (UK) Slay
14 May 21 Leeds (UK) Brudenell Social Club
15 May 21 London (UK) 229 (+Enslaved)
16 May 21 Paris (FR) La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
18 May 21 Madrid (ES) Caracol
19 May 21 Barcelona (ES) Boveda
20 May 21 Lyon (FR) CCO
21 May 21 Aarau (CH) Kiff
24 May 21 Munich (DE) Backstage
25 May 21 Stuttgart (DE) Wizemann
26 May 21 Cologne (DE) Luxor
27 May 21 Frankfurt (DE) Das Bett
28 May 21 Hamburg (DE) Uebel & Gefarlich
29 May 21 Leipzig (DE) Hellraiser
06 Nov 20 Barcelona (ES) AMFest x Sala BCN

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