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SOLBRUD: 'Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn' Konzert im Stream - vom 25.03.2021, 10:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Via YouTube könnt ihr euch jetzt das komplette 'Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn' Konzert von SOLBRUD anschauen.
Sit back and enjoy the full show via our Youtube: youtu.be/5GLKGKumyng

Das dazugehörige Album erscheint am 26.03.2021 als Deluxe DVD+CD und als Download/Stream.
Pre-Order: ffm.to/solbrud-liveatbronshoj
Bandcamp: solbrud.bandcamp.com/album/levende-i-br-nsh-j-vandt-rn

Eine Vinyledition soll auch noch erscheinen, aktuell ist April als Veröffentlichungstermin angegeben.

SOLBRUD`s epic live album, recorded inside the Brønshøj water tower - featuring 15 seconds of true reverb. Available March 26th on Deluxe DVD+CD, and Digital/Stream.
The deluxe 2xLP+DVD editions are delayed by the plant. Order options will become available at a later point.

Video credits:
Recording & editing by Martin Goltermann (Muskedonner Medier)
Live sound & mix by Marcus Ferreira Larsen (Demon Head)
Mastered by Flemming Rasmussen (Sweet Silence Studios)
Live lighting handled by Isak Koppel Levy
Graphic design and layout by Adrian Utzon Dietz
Photographs by Adriana Zak and Naya Buch

Tracklist YouTubeStream:
00:00​ Introduction
00:58​ Øde Lagt
12:24​ Skygge
14:51​ Menneske
17:10​ Sortedøden
28:59​ Klippemennesket
42:04​ Bortgang
54:01​ Sjæleskrig
01:02:07​ Besat Af Mørke

Solbrud is known for performing at unique locations, with special care for lights and props, which now results in ‘Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn’; a carefully curated live double album and video. All tracks were recorded inside Brønshøj Water Tower in Copenhagen at two totally sold-out nights. The tower is known for its brutalist architecture and unique acoustics – 15 seconds of natural reverb, which creates a fitting atmospheric backdrop for the monumental sound of the band. On top of that, the tower was freezing cold, amplifying the nature of the music.

The release consists of 8 tracks, including songs from all three previous Solbrud albums. Some have been rearranged, taking the special acoustics into account, while others blast through in their original form. In addition to their set, the new song ‘Sjæleskrig’ was added to their setlist, which resonates hauntingly in the great tower’s reverberance.

Along with the audio part, the entire concert was also captured on film - and the video footage is included as a DVD on both the vinyl and CD releases of ‘Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn’. Apart from the impressive cover shots, the release also includes a booklet with photographs from the concert inside the tower.

‘Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn’ was recorded on November 23rd and 24th 2019 and mixed by Marcus Ferreira Larsen (Vocalist, Demon Head) and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow, etc.) at Sweet Silence Studios.

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