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Belgische Brutal Deather Aborted mit Infos zu den Aufnahmen zum neuen Album - vom 23.05.2021, 07:37

Kategorie: Musik

aborted 2014Die belgischen Brutal Deather Aborted arbeiten an einem neuen Album. Corona-bedingt aber nicht zusammen im Studio sondern jeder macht seine Aufnahmen alleine. Was aber auch wegen des fehlenden üblichen Zeitdruck im Studio auch seine Vorteile hat. Wenn man den Aufnahmeprozess bislang verfolgt hat, dann sollten die Aufnahmen mittlerweile komplett im Kasten sein. Diese Scheibe wird übrigens der Nachfolger der 2020er EP "La grande mascarade".

Sänger Sven de Caluwé spricht über seine Aufnahme: » So, as we all know with the planet sucking dingus the last year and whatnot, we had to get creative here and were unable to record everything together at Kohlekeller Studio for this one. Fortunately your favourite blastards are used to working from a distance, since we have people from all over, so it had little to no effect on the writing. It did, however, in recording. We all had to record separately and then watch the magic come to life. In my case I recorded everything at Hearse Studio with the infamous Lander Cluyse over the span of several months, since we did pretty extensive pre production of everything. The advantage was that this was very relaxed for me, less pressure since I didn’t have to record everything in under 4 days. The ability to try things and go back and change them after properly digesting everything. Needless to say, there has been more experimentation than before and it’s the best and most disgusting stuff I have put on tape so far.
I can’t wait for all you guys to listen to the record, one that through all the adversity we pulled out something truly awesome, super dynamic and extremely brutal. Get stoked, your blast beat factory.«

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