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Neues Video von Crypts of Despair - vom 04.08.2021, 20:07

Kategorie: Musik

 Die litauischen Deather Crypts of Despair haben ein offizielles Video zum Song Choked By The Void vom aktuellen Album All Light Swallowed veröffentlicht. Checkt das Video zum neuen Song HIER an !

Here's what the band has to say about it:

"This video is a representation of us and what we do, what some parts of our band is about. Main theme of the clip: making a decision to commit suicide, then battling it "... do I really want to do it, I am not sure... " and all these thoughts, trying to escape this fate, but then this idea consumes you, doesn't let you go and finally you embrace it and accept it as a greatest thing... Then it's time for the last dance with the rope. I hope you enjoy this and it will make you think and remember, maybe at one point you have been there or the people you know, or maybe the people you know have already finished their dance..."

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