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Fleshcrawl geben neuen Sänger bekannt - vom 15.10.2021, 20:24

Kategorie: Musik

 Hier die News von Fleshcrawl zum neuen Sänger Borisz Sarafutgyinov:

It's been a while since we decided to carry on with the band and now we feel it's about the right time to fill the vacant vocalist slot.
Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Russia and nowadays lurking in the dark netherworlds of Budapest, please welcome Borisz Sarafutgyinov
Endowed with a monstrous and powerful voice, awesome drinking abilities and everything else in between, he has well-proven to be the right guy for the job.
After 2 killer shows at Obscene Extreme Festival and Tombstoned fest, it was a natural and logical step to have Borisz join the band.
We are looking forward to many more shows and albums !

A few words from Borisz:
"I would just like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity, and for the overwhelmingly positive reception live. I will strive to do my best to prove worthy, and make Sven proud by keeping his legacy alive and expanding on it to the best of my abilities."

RIP Sven
Always deep inside our Heart

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