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ENSANGUINATE zeigen “Death Vernacular” via Toilet ov Hell - vom 23.06.2022, 15:47

Kategorie: Musik

 Die slovakische Death Metal Legion Ensaguinate haben jetzt die Single “Death Vernacular” vom kommenden "Eldritch Anatomy" veröffentlicht. Das Album erscheint am 02.September 2022 via Emanzipation Productions.


Die Band kommentiert “Death Vernacular":
“DEATH VERNACULAR is a freeze-frame of the longest moment at the end of every life, where words fail and rationale gives way to pure intuition and knowledge through oneness with death. It is the only point where de Saussure’s signifier is truly bypassed and no longer burdens the ego, allowing it to dissolve and fully meld with the signified: true Death.

“Mimicking this is ENSANGUINATE’s goal. It is both a paradox and ironic, to be sure, yet by staring into the abyss and immersing ourselves in death and tragedy through these songs - an additional layer to the lyrics for DEATH VERNACULAR - and pairing them with the proper keys during our live performances, we may at least glimpse our goal and eschew language for true intuition, if only briefly.

“Some seek the Devil through the ritualistic nature of art, others still will find Him at the end of a rope.”

“Death Vernacular”: https://orcd.co/ensan-death

ENSANGUINATE is Slovenia's putrid entry into the death metal grimoire of old, performing sinister sounds inspired by Possessed, Morbid Angel, Grotesque and Nihilist, along with a sinister tinge of black metal.

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