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CARNAL TOMB - Neues Album "Embalmed In Decay" via Testimony Records - vom 08.08.2023, 21:28

Kategorie: Musik

bildDie deutschen Death Metaller CARNAL TOMB kündigen stolz ihr drittes Album mit dem Titel „Embalmed in Decay“ an, das am 3. November 2023 über Testimony Records auf CD, LP und digital erscheinen soll.

It was recorded and mixed by Tobias Engl at Englsound in Berlin / Germany and mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios, Stockholm / Sweden. The artwork was crafted by Skaðvaldur.

This beautifully putrid and rotten manifest of morbidity perfectly channels the spirit of old school death metal!

CARNAL TOMB have honed their songwriting to razor-edged sharpness with slightly shorter tracks compared to their previous releases, fast forward blast beats, and they have also kept some of their characteristic doom-driven passages. It all adds up to a contemporary version of classic death metal with enormous firepower that will cement their status as one of the hottest young acts of this most brutal genre.

Guest performances on "Embalmed in Decay" by Serkan Niron from Turkey's Death Metal sickos ENGULFED on the track 'Draped in Disgust' and some additional intros from former MORBID PANZER as well as PUTRESCINE, and SPEEDWHORE guitarist Leonhard Link put the deliciously toxic icing on CARNAL TOMB's gut and gore cake.

Checkt das neue Video zum Song "The Putridarium" hier an.

Guitarist / vocalist Cryptic Tormentor states: "'The Putridarium' is the second song, after ‘Osseous Sarcophagus’, that our drummer Vomitchrist wrote for CARNAL TOMB. It features some riffs that he wrote back in 2008. It is a very sinister and fast forward song, which made it perfect as an opener. This song has blast beats, doom sections, some groove, a massive triplet riff and various solo sections of lead guitar and bass. Vomitchrist was inspired by bands like Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum while writing this song. As far as the lyrics are concerned, the crypts of the same name (Putridarium), found in Italy, inspired the lyrics for this track. It was also a foundation for the album cover (expect more info on that with our third advance single release), and with the intro made by our good friend Leonhard Link, this song sets the atmosphere of what this album is about."


1. Intro
2. The Putridarium
3. Cataclysmic Maze
4. Defiled Flesh
5. Draped in Disgust
6. Cerebral Ingestion
7. Morgue Usurper
8. Embalmed in Decay
9. Eyes of the Chasm

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