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BLUT AUS NORD streamen "Disharmonium – Nahab" - vom 23.08.2023, 20:29

Kategorie: Musik

bild"He seemed to know what was coming – the monstrous burst of Walpurgis-rhythm in whose cosmic timbre would be concentrated all the primal, ultimate space-time seethings which lie behind the massed spheres of matter and sometimes break forth in measured reverberations that penetrate faintly to every layer of entity and give hideous significance throughout the worlds to certain dreaded periods." (H.P. Lovecraft)

Kurz vor der VÖ des neuen Albums "Disharmonium – Nahab" streamen BLUT AUS NORD ihr komplettes Album via Black Metal Promotion YT channel.

Checkt das Album HIER an!

BAN's "Disharmonium – Nahab" shows an increased presence of deranged vocal mania, the eerie dynamics are vividly accentuated, the band's unmistakable melodic power amplified and the guitars flow in tandem with splendidly lurching grooves like some Stygian wooze-tsunami.

As Jonathan Rosenthal puts it in Decibel magazine:

"The band's 15th proper album is a discordant, slinking beast, one that presents this long-standing act as the masters of their own style. […] This means a few things: 1) the album is impenetrably thick, 2) the album is impossibly weird, and 3) the album is incredibly singular."

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