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Splitalbum "Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches" von ABIGAIL und NEKROFILTH kommt am 20.10.2023; erste Songs online - vom 05.10.2023, 11:14

Kategorie: Musik

album%20coverDie Japaner ABIGAIL und die Amis NEKROFILTH haben zusammen das Splitalbum "Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches" aufgenommen. Die Scheibe wird am 20.10.2023 via HELLS HEADBANGERS auf CD, Vinyl und als Kassette veröffentlicht.
Den Song "Black Funeral War" von Abigal könnt ihr euch unten reinziehen. Den Song "Fuck in Hell" von NEKROFILTH gibt es hier... auf YouTube ansehen.

» Two of the most prolific forces in the filthy metal underground, Japan's ABIGAIL and America's NEKROFILTH team up for the first time ever on Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches. Featuring nine new and exclusive tracks, this split album is a swift-yet-salacious display of both bands' characteristic nastiness. ABIGAIL are first up with four tracks of their now-legendary street metal. Even after 30 years now, Yasuyuki and crew continue to push their perverted agenda and create an immediately-identifiable blend of black metal, thrash, and hardcore punk; these four tracks are arguably some of ABIGAIL's noisiest-yet-addicting work yet. Not to be outdone, NEKROFILTH hit HARD with five tracks of their own. While it's been some time since 2018's celebrated Worm Ritual full-length, NEKROFILTH got back into action at the beginning of 2023 and are proving that their gutted grime - equal parts early grindcore, primitive death metal, and crusty punk - is eternal no matter what year of release. Naturally, it's inspiring to see the band active again and not losing one step, and especially more so with their cover of the Germs' "Forming" here. Together, in any language, the message is clear: Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches! «

01 Fuck in Hell's Evil Bitches 3:33
02 Endless Holocaust 2:14
03 Black Funeral War 2:42
04 Bestial Metal Attack 2:22
05 I Crave Disease 2:10
06 Fuck In Hell 1:33
07 Squirming Corpse 0:52
08 Forming (Germs cover) 2:46
09 I Feel Nothing 2:05

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