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Black Metaller GINNUNGAGAP bringen ihr Debut-Album "Heliacal Arising" am 8.12.2023 - vom 05.12.2023, 13:28

Kategorie: Musik

ginnungagap%20-%20heliacal_arising%20coverDie Portugiesischen Black Metaller GINNUNGAGAP bringen ihr Debut-Album "Heliacal Arising" am 8.12.2023 via Signal Rex in den Handel.

» No strangers to the ever-fertile Portuguese black metal underground, GINNUNGAGAP preceded the esteemed likes of TRONO ALÉM MORTE, ORDEM SATANICA, and VOËMMR. To date, they've delivered two extremely limited tapes, but now are even more embraced by the cold and frosty winds of the Aldebaran Star. Witness Heliacal Arising. What is set to be a new landmark not only for the Circle but for the wider Portuguese underground, GINNUNGAGAP here conjure a bewitching storm of strangely soothing mysticism. Shadows and secrets still remain, but Heliacal Arising moves with etheric might - "raw" on a very basic or simplified level, but embellished with a rare refinement that makes their musings simply otherworldly. Is there synth in there, or some unorthodox twist of strings? Is it recorded live in the rehearsal room, or painstakingly layered with an auteur's touch? Only GINNUNGAGAP know, but thankfully, the faithful reap the rewards: Heliacal Arising is transportive black metal par excellence, an effortless throwback to ancient-days atmosphere. «

01 Majestic Throne of the Sky 5:16
02 Helical Arising 6:59
03 Herminius Mons 6:58
04 Mysteries of the Primordial Moon 5:34
05 Perpetual Winter Reign 5:40
06 Forest of Hyperborean Evil 5:51
07 Polar Solitude III 4:09

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