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DESULTORY: Die drei Demos werden als Compilation unter dem Namen "Darkness Falls (The Early Years)" veröffentlicht - vom 06.05.2024, 21:28

Kategorie: Musik

compilationDas Label DARKNESS SHALL RISE PRODUCTIONS wird eine Compilation der drei Demos der Schwedischen Melodic Death Metal Pioniere DESULTORY veröffentlichen. Unter dem Titel "Darkness Falls (The Early Years)" wird die Compilation als CD und 3-Tape-Box am 5.6.2024 und auf Vinyl am 4.7.2024 erscheinen.

» Commonly cited and appreciated as one of the trailblazers of melodic death metal, DESULTORY's roots are deeply buried in thrash metal. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, their first demo From Beyond features songs in the vein of Kreator, Testament, and Merciless. Apart from Klas Morberg's every howling, which bear semblance with early Tiamat and the fact that the demo was recorded in the legendary Sunlight Studios in 1990, From Beyond is basically a thrash metal demo, albeit a very enjoyable and strikingly well-played one.

It was with Death Unfolds from 1991, the rabid pack's second demo, that DESULTORY really came into their own as far as style and sound are concerned. Again recorded by Tomas Skogsberg in his renowned Sunlight Studios, the demo showcases most of the band's typical trademarks they would go on to be admired for. Bangers like "Passed Away" and "The Chill Within," both of which would end up being re-recorded for DESULTORY's debut album, are top-tier Swedish death metal with downtuned guitar riffs in abundance and a particular sensitivity for melody.

Simply titled Visions, the third demo again recorded in Sunlight Studios in 1992, logically continues DESULTORY's trajectory. Building on the fundament laid out on Death Unfolds, some of the ingredients only hinted at previously are extended and fine-tuned on tracks like "Forever Gone" and "Depression." Aided by the strongest production of their demos, giving the songs that certain extra punch, this demo is victorious on all fronts and a must-listen for anyone into Swedish death metal of the highest order.

A long interview with Klas Morberg was specially conducted for this demo compilation.«

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