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Massacre Reunion Tour 2007 - vom 23.07.2007, 06:11

Kategorie: Musik

nach Sacred Reich gleich noch nen Hammer diesen Herbst:
More details have been revealed about MASSACRE\'s upcoming "Re-Animated" European tour, which is scheduled to kick off October 26 and last through November 18. The band's lineup for the trek will consist of DENIAL FIEND members Sam Williams (guitar), Curt Beeson (drums; NASTY SAVAGE), along with ex-MASSACRE members Terry Butler (bass), Steve Swanson (guitars) and Kam Lee (vocals). The material covered on the tour will consist only of songs from 1991's "From Beyond" and "Inhuman Condition" EP.
In addition to MASSACRE, the "Re-Animated" tour will feature appearances by DENIAL FIEND, JUNGLE ROT and ASHURA (France).

"Re-Animated" tour dates (venue details to be announced):
Oct. 26 - Berlin, Germany- K17
Oct. 27 - Stockholm, Sweden
Oct. 28 - Kopenhagen, Denmark
Oct. 29 - Osnabrück, Germany -> http://www.myspace.com/burningstage
Oct. 30 - Glauchau, Germany - Alte Spinnerei
Oct. 31 - Koln, Germany
Nov. 01 - Adelsheim, Germany
Nov. 02 - Pratteln, Switzerland
Nov. 03 - Munchen, Germany
Nov. 04 - Eindhoven, Holland
Nov. 14 - Tilburg, Holland
Nov. 15 - Belgium
Nov. 16 - Manchester, UK
Nov. 17 - Dublin, Ireland
Nov. 18 - London, UK

Kam Lee previousy stated about the upcoming tour: "This will be a joint tour with DENIAL FIEND and should not be considered a \'reunion\' tour but rather an extension of what 'true' MASSACRE is, and should be considered a 'fan appreciation' tour! It's my way of saying thanks to all the MASSACRE fans for the support all these years... for keeping the 'Ancient Cult Death' sound and style alive all this time!"
MASSACRE bio courtesy of BNR Metal Pages: One of the earliest of the Florida death metal bands of the eighties, MASSACRE\'s early history is closely intertwined with that of DEATH. MASSACRE was formed around 1984 by Allen West (later of OBITUARY) and Bill Andrews, followed by the arrival of soon-to-be-leader Kam Lee and guitarist Rick Rozz, both of whom had served with Chuck Schuldiner in the earliest stages of DEATH. A lineup of Lee, Rozz, Andrews, and Terry Butler eventually stabilized, but before they could record, all but Lee left the band to record with Schuldiner in DEATH on that band's "Leprosy" album, forcing Lee to disband MASSACRE. Around 1989 Lee decided to start up the band again with Rozz and WHIPLASH drummer Joe Cangelosi. An album was recorded, by the name of "Second Coming", but was never released. Eventually came the return of Butler and Andrews, who had stayed with DEATH long enough to play on "Spiritual Healing", and in 1991 MASSACRE finally released an album, "From Beyond". An EP quickly followed, but it would be several years before another album would appear, in the form of 1996\'s "Promise". Featuring a different rhythm section, the album was not well received and they folded for good soon afterward.

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