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HAIL OF BULLETS sind weiter fleißig am werkeln - vom 23.01.2008, 06:05

Kategorie: Musik

Die Holländer HAIL OF BULLETS sind weiter fleißig am werkeln. Das erste Album sollte also bald erscheinen können.
» Yesterday we had our last bandrehearsal before we enter the studio. Worked out some final arrangements and played the last 2 songs we wrote for the first time. One is the epic closer to the album (we'll have fun building this one up in the studio), and another is the proposed bonustrack; a groovy beast of a tune that actually has a dual guitarsolo in it. Martin couldn't attend, so we'll leave the vocal finetuning for the studio.
I'm also working on a nice, moody intro for the album. Some strings, some bombs... it's turning out a lot cooler than I expected; god bless protools!
Meanwhile our creative department is hard at work on putting together the artwork, it's starting to look very promising indeed.
And finally we're close to securing a US deal, more information will follow shortly.

Cheers, Ed «

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