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Susan steigt bei Cliteater aus ! - vom 04.06.2008, 06:30

Kategorie: Musik

Hier ein Statement von Susan und der restlichen Band:

After 13 months being in CLITEATER, we are shocked by the
news that Susan decided to left the band.
Here is her statement:

I'm no longer a Cliteater
This weekend I played my last gig with Cliteater.
The initial idea was only to help them out with 5 summerfestivals, but this turned out into playing a total of 16 gigs, me recording their third full length CD with them and staying in the band for over a year.
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to the guys for the great time I've had, the fun we had in our van while driving up to gigs (and introducing me to Jonnhy Cash and CCR while going there J) and the great gigs we've played!
This means not the end of the band. We shall continue as a 4 pack and and watch what the future will bring us. We wanna thank Susan for all her help and great time on the road, and wish her all the best for her musical career and her new band Murder Syndicate! See you on the road somewhere!
Morris, Joost, Vedran and Ivan/CLITEATER

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