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MACHINE HEAD: Gitarrist entschuldigt sich nach Zusammenbruch bei den Fans - vom 25.08.2008, 06:26

Kategorie: Musik

 MACHINE HEAD's Gitarrist Phil Demmel entschuldigt sich nach seinem Zusammenbruch auf der Rockstar Mayhem Energy Festival Tour! Mitten während des Auftritts brach Demmel völlig dehydriert zusammen:

» I first and foremost would have to apologize to the fans who didn't get to see a full set from MACHINE HEAD. You're the reason we're out there and I'm sincerely sorry for taking that from you. Secondly, I've suffered from episodes of Cardiogenic Syncope for the last 17 years or so. Ran a series of tests that came up inconclusive. I hadn't had it happen for awhile until last December in Italy, when I passed out roughly about the time my father passed away back in the states. The incident in VA felt similar to what has happened in the past. I have to thank my techs Alan, Brian and good friend Chief for catching me. Today is the last day of the Mayhem Festival and I will be seeing my specialist within the week. I appreciate all the concern from all my family, friends and fans that has been expressed.«

Quelle: Roadrunner Records

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