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DARK FUNERAL: Studio Update - vom 04.09.2008, 06:30

Kategorie: Musik

DARK FUNERAL sind fleißig bei den Aufnahmen im Studio. Wie man hört sollen die Songs die melancholischer und epischer denn je sein. Gleichzeitig aber auch heavier und variabler und wahrscheinlich mit weniger Blast Beats als sonst üblich. Drei Songs sind bereits fertig, 8 - 10 Songs sollen es werden.

Mehr Infos hier im Original:
» Anyway, we're now two weeks into the pre-production! And even though we're moving forward with small steps, we're at least making progress. And that what's the most important at this stage I think. Our original plan was to be done with the pre-production within 3-4 weeks, but I have to be honest with myself, the band and you of course. That won't just happen. So let's put aside a definite date for now. And let us just focus on writing and working on the new material until we feel that we done, and totally satisfied, whenever now that'll be!? (read - As soon as possible!)

At this point of time we have 3 songs completed. 1 song is halfway through and then we have some puzzle pieces here and there that eventually will become new songs too. The songs that we have put together so far will obviously need a final touch, and perhaps some minor re-arrangements here and there, but the main foundation are done. And it sounds killer with a capital K!!! Once we have songs for a whole new album (we plan 8-10 songs this time) we'll obviously make another final run though of all the songs to make sure they foremost satisfy ourselves to a 666% before we begin the real recording.

So, how does the new stuff sounds you may ask? Well, as I've said before. We're heading for a bit heavier and a more varied sound, with perhaps not as much blast beats as before, giving more space for the drums to give the songs a more bombastic touch. Now when we are fortunate to have a new AMAZINGLY SKILLED drummer (Dominator) we want to give him as much space as possible to put on a real wicked drum performance for each new song. If we would use the same or similar blast beat patterns as before we would obviously limit him too much. And that..s something we simply want to avoid at all cost. But don't worry, the intense blast beats are still a big part of our sound. And Mr Dominator will for sure get his fair share to punish that snare in 666bpm. But there will be more drum work this time around.

The material that is written so far is our most melancholic and epic yet. One of the songs is what we in "our" terms would call a "ballad" (Goddess of Sodomy/Atrum Regina type of song). And if you feel that one of those songs is melancholic, you will be in for a bit surprise with this "Russian funeral symphony" (that's a working name only of course, but it describe the black aura of the song pretty well I think). Another suitable title for this dark hymn could even be "Dark Funeral", but that's still to be figured out. Caligula haven't completed the lyrics yet so we'll first see what kind of insane ideas he comes up with until it's time to set any song titles. There's no hurry for that part right now afterall. Anyway, this song is by far the most melancholic song we're ever written. So when you eventually get a chance to check it out, make sure to have your black candles ready to be set on fire!

Next week we (Chaq Mol and I) won't be working/writing in the studio with our producers. We will obviously continue to write as hard as ever, but next week, due to various reasons, we'll have to do it at home. We will resume working with Örjan and Erik in about 2 weeks.

There's still A LOT of work ahead of us until we have material for a whole new album, but things are moving forward, perhaps slow, but very stabile! And once we have progressed a bit further with the pre-production we will give you a more detailed story of each new song. So stay tuned…

Lord Ahriman & Dark Funeral «

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