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MALEVOLENT CREATION: geben Update zum neuen Album - vom 26.09.2008, 06:15

Kategorie: Musik

 Phil Fasciana, Gitarrist der amerikanischen Extreme Metaller MALEVOLENT CREATION, gibt folgendes Update:

»"I know it has been some time since we have said much or updated things lately,but finally there are European tour dates posted on our MySpace page and there are more coming!!!!! Also, after much consideration and long talks between the three original bandmembers of MALEVOLENT CREATION (Brett Hoffmann - vokills; Jason Blachowicz - bass; Phil Fasciana - lead guitar) we have to decided to stop fucking around!!!! Just like all bands, we to have had our share of personal problems that have delayed things a bit. But we have to decided to continue touring around the world and after we return from our headlining tour of Europe with support from the mighty VITAL REMAINS and our friends from Florida WYKKED WYTCH in December, we will start the pre-production for a shitload of new MALEVOLENT CREATION songs for our 11th full-length studio release. We are also going to re record some songs from our third CD, 'Stillborn', and also record some very cool cover songs from some of our favorite bands when we were little metalheads. Of course, there will be no suprises or weak material involved with these recording sessions and we are seriously talking about writing the fastest album we have ever written. I know all our CDs have a lot of fast songs, but this time i think we really need to let loose and just kick some serious ass.«

Quelle: Blabbermouth.net

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