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HELL müssen ihre Teilnahme am KEEP IT TRUE 12 absagen. - vom 17.02.2009, 11:19

Kategorie: Musik

HELL müssen ihre Teilnahme am KEEP IT TRUE 12 absagen. Hier die Infos vom Veranstalter:

» Hallo Freunde,
leider muss noch eine weitere Band KEEP IT TRUE 12 absagen. HELL werden leider nicht spielen, da sich Gitarrist Kevin Bower einer dringenden Operation unterziehen muss. Hier das offizielle Statement:

It is with great regret that HELL (UK) have been forced to cancel their
appearance at KIT 12. Kev Bower, the band's guitarist and synthesizer
player, was today informed that he must have immediate abdominal
(stomach) surgery to treat a problem which will become very dangerous if
not treated straight away, and his surgeon has warned him that an 8-10
week recovery period is the minimum required after this. Since Kev
performs such a complex 2-part role within the band, finding a
replacement is impossible given the close proximity of the show. HELL's
first European appearance had generated great interest amongst metal
fans - to the extent that some die-hards were actually travelling from
the USA to see the show. This decision has been extremely sad, and HELL
would like to offer their sincere apologies to all who were looking
forward to seeing them. Our great thanks go to Oliver and all involved
with KIT for inviting us - HELL very much hopes to see everyone at
another KIT, another time.
Wir wünschen Kevin das Beste und hoffen dass alles gut geht.
Der Ersatz für HELL ist bereits gebucht, wir können ihn aber leider erst am 30. März bekannt geben. Bitte habt noch etwas Geduld. Es lohnt sich definitiv.

Metal On,
Oli + Tarek«

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