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IMPIOUS geben Artwork, VÖ-Datum und Gastauftritt bekannt - vom 01.09.2009, 00:24

Kategorie: Musik

 Die schwedischen Deather von IMPIOUS haben weitere Details ihres kommenden Albums 'Death Domination' bekannt gegeben. So wird das Album am 06.11.2009 in Europa zu haben sein.

Mehr von Impious selbst:
"'Death Domination' will be out on the European market on November 6th, 2009. Asian and American dates will follow. We are also proud to present the cover artwork, created by the talented Marcello Vasco. A new MySpace design will be presented with the album release. A new song will be presented on MySpace on the 1st of September. More information on this will follow!

"We recently added our long time friend Johan Lindstrand (One Man Army, ex-The Crown) to the 'Death Domination' mix. Johan contributed to the album by doing some vocals on the song 'The Demand'. It's great to finally have Johan adding to our sound again for the first time in years! Johan is an amazing vocalist and he totally rip shit up on this track!"

Johan Lindstrand gab über 'Death Domination' folgendes Statement ab:
"I've known Impious since they first started back in '94. Both on a personal, friendly level as well as on a professional level. I played the drums on their first demo and now I do some guest vocals on their new album. Always a pleasure to do stuff with them and especially on this new one that I feel is their strongest one yet.

"It's one hell of a speed ride with a lot of passion to it and I feel very honoured that they asked me to join them on a song. They will do great with 'Death Domination'."
Quelle: Metal Blade Records

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