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DARK FUNERAL neues Album ”Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” - vom 14.09.2009, 06:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Ave everyone!

Peter Tagtgren is currently mixing our new album at his Abyss Studios. Once we have approved the final mix, Jonas Kjellgren [Scar Symmetry] will be mastering it.

By listening to the rough-mix, the final production will kill totally, no doubt! Can’t wait to blast the final result in the stereo!

We decided to go for a bit rawer sound this time, and not as crystal clear and perhaps polished as our last album [Attera Totus Sanctus ©2005], but no worries. The production still holds the high quality that you would come to expect from us. We haven’t done “a Metallica” so to say!

During the last weekend we spent at the Abyss Studio we recorded a video for one of the new tracks. The video was shot in and outside an old and closed mental hospital. The environment was just killer. And besides, it suited the video theme perfect! The video is currently under editing by “Standard Film Team”. And within the next 2-3 weeks it should be ready for world premiere. However, due to the graphic violence and somewhat gory nature of the video, I would assume that we will be forced to edit 2 versions, one soft and one hard core version. Exactly how and where we’ll release them is yet to be decided though, but we will keep you posted about it of course. The video was shot for a track called “My Funeral”.

Now you may wonder what the album will be called. Well, here is another “exclusive” for you…. ”Angelus Exuro pro Eternus” !!!

Estimated release date is set to November 18th!

If that’s not enough news for now, well, we have uploaded a few pictures from the video shoot at our official website www.darkfuneral.se + MySpace www.myspace.com/darkfuneral . Check them out!!!

Lord Ahriman

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