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Black Metaller TODTGELICHTER geben Details zum neuen Album bekannt - vom 27.10.2009, 06:46

Kategorie: Musik

Das dritte Album der deutschen Black Metaller TODTGELICHTER wird auf den Arbeitstitel "Angst" hören. Acht Songs sind bereits geschrieben und werden im April 2010 eingespielt werden. "Angst" wird wohl ein Konzeptalbum werden und soll ein Schritt vorwärts zum letzten Album"Schemen" sein. Erstmals werden auch englische Texte aufgenommen werden.

Weitere Details könnt ihr der Band Message entnehmen:
»Greetings folks,
after the last three weekends of doing gigs, traveling around and meeting new and old friends we finally have time to finish the compositions for the third album, entitled "Angst". Nearly eight songs have been written so far, but there is still much to do until we enter the studio in April 2010. As the pre-production phase will start soon there will probably be no more gigs until April/ May 2010 except for the one in February - where some of you will get a glimpse of two or three new songs. The new material is yet another step forward from "Schemen" - more mature, more impending, and darker.
"Angst" at the moment grows to be a concept album - exploring the evolution of fear through history and cultures into the dark urban vortex man has to struggle with each day. To convert this into an adequate visual concept we have joined forces with a well-known and prolific Illustrator, who will work with us under the moniker "Y". He has, among other works, done illustrations and layout for books of an established role playing series so we are sure his creativity and professionalism will underline the artistic character of "Angst".
The lyrical concept is also slowly taking form, with a more modern, more personal approach to the sujet. For the first time in TODTGELICHTER..s history, a few english texts will be featured as well. «

Für das nächste Jahr sind bereits Auftritte beim "Under The Black Sun 2010" und dem "Barther Metal Open Air 2010" bestätigt.

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